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The diploma in French language studies (DELF) for adults, declination “all public”, is an official diploma issued by the French Ministry of National Education. There are 4 diplomas corresponding to the first 4 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1 and DELF B2.

This diploma is recognized worldwide, and it is valid for life.

Depending on the level passed, the DELF can add value to a curriculum vitae (CV), and make it easier to obtain a job in a company where the spoken language is French.

The DELF B1 allows you to obtain French nationality. The DELF B2, and more and more the DALF C1, allow students to enter French, European or French-speaking universities, and certain Grandes Ecoles.

2024 Prices and Calendar

LevelExam fee (AF Students) Exam fee (Regular) 1st session 2nd session3rd session 4th session 
A1N 23 000N 27 00019-mars16-july24-sept10-dec
B1N 26 000N 31 00021-mars18-july26-sept12-dec
C1N 32 000N 38 00019-mars16-july24-sept10-dec
Registration deadline 01-mars28-june06-sept22-nov

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I choose the DELF A1 if I can…

  • introduce myself and someone;
  • understand simple spoken announcements and instructions;
  • understand short and simple texts;
  • complete a form with my name, nationality, address, etc. ;
  • write a simple and brief postcard;
  • answer simple questions about me (for example: my name, my nationality, my activities);
  • ask someone simple questions;
  • buy something and pay.
I choose the DELF A2 if …
  • I can… carry out simple tasks of daily life (go to a shop, get information, take public transport, etc.);
  • use the most common forms of politeness and exchange; recount a past event;
  • understand a simple conversation; talk about my tastes and explain why I like and dislike;
  • describe my daily life and my surroundings (leisure, work, friends, family); 
  • understand a personal letter and respond (to invite, thank, apologize); 
  • understand directions to orient myself; link the sentences with little words like: “et”, “mais”, “ parce que ”.

Examples of subjects – level A2

I choose the DELF B1 if I can…

  • recount an event, an experience, a dream;
  • describe a hope, a goal, a project;
  • give my opinion and justify it with arguments;
  • express my feelings;
  • express my agreement or disagreement and explain why;
  • understand the important elements of the news (newspaper article, television news, radio program);
  • make proposals, hypotheses, give advice;
  • convince someone;
  • manage in unforeseen situations of daily life and when traveling in a country where the target language is spoken;
  • organize a presentation or speech, in a logical order.

I choose the DELF B2 if I can…

  • defend my opinion by giving arguments and examples
  • develop my point of view and talk about the pros and cons
  • express cause and consequence
  • convince someone
  • correct myself when I make a mistake
  • to take notes
  • rephrase an idea and explain the implicit
  • understand the gist of a news document

Examples of subjects – level B2

Online Preparations for DELF B2

For DELF A1 or A2 exams, bring your NIN Card or Valid International passport.

For DELF B1, B2, C1, C2 exams, only your original Valid International passport is required.

For C1 & C2 level : look at the dalf page

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