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In March 2024, the Alliance Française of Port Harcourt organized a special exhibition titled “Les Elles des Jeux,” created by the National Sports Museum of Nice, as part of the International Women’s Rights Day. The exhibition, printed on banners in French, was made accessible to the English-speaking public through the creation of English audio tracks available on YouTube, downloadable via QR codes.

The participants in this exhibition were diverse, including 80 children from primary schools, 40 students from the French departments of the three universities in Port Harcourt, as well as 80 students from the Alliance Française of Port Harcourt in March. The public’s interest in the exhibition was evident through several aspects: the French language, general culture, and human rights.

Five primary schools and students from the three French departments benefited from personalized tours of the exhibition. It is noteworthy that the public already demonstrated a good understanding of women’s situation in society, as well as a strong desire to discover new facts presented by the exhibition to support their arguments in favor of gender equality.

The exhibition remained available during Francophonie Week, allowing an even wider audience to access it, as the theme of sports served as a link between the two events. This continuity in the exhibition reinforced its impact and provided an additional opportunity to raise awareness about women’s rights issues.

In conclusion, the exhibition “Les Elles des Jeux” was a success, reaching and raising awareness among a broad audience about the challenges related to women’s rights, while highlighting the importance of education and ongoing awareness to progress towards a more equitable and inclusive society.

Thanks to the Embassy of France in Nigeria for its support

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