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It’s official! Breakdancing, now known as ‘breaking,’ will make its debut at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.
The Alliance Française of Port Harcourt is proud to host the Nigerian Breakdance Qualifiers, providing an incredible opportunity for breakdancers in Nigeria to showcase their skills.

Nigerian Breakdance Championship

The Nigerian National Breakdance Championship is an initiative by Fame Foundation in partnership with the French Embassy in Nigeria.

The championship aims to promote youth development, athleticism, and vital social causes. Winners of the championship will receive a cash prize and a fully sponsored trip to represent Nigeria at the International Breakdance Championship in France in 2024.

Qualifier Dates

Witness the city’s top breakdancers battle it out for a chance to shine on the national stage. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as the beats electrify the air.

The Breakdance Qualifiers will take place in several states across Nigeria and at the Alliance Française in Port Harcourt on August 26, 2023.

Important dates to remember:

  • Kaduna: July 17, 2023
  • Kano: July 19, 2023
  • Port Harcourt: August 26, 2023
  • Abuja: September 7, 2023
  • Lagos: September 22, 2023


How to Participate?

B-boys and B-girls with breakdancing skills are invited to participate in the National Breakdance Championship.

To register, visit the official Instagram page @nationalbreakdance or contact 0808 4519 375 via WhatsApp or send a message to our official email, breakdance@famefoundationwg.org

The registration form can be accessed through this link: 

Road to Glory: Breakdance Qualifiers and Final Showdown

In the qualifying rounds, each participant gets one minute to show their  skills.

  • One (1) bboy/bgirl will battle at a time to determine which one advances to the final.
  • Six (6) qualifiers will be selected in each of the states – 3 bboys & 3 bgirls which narrow down the competition to the top 30 bboys/bgirls.
  • Then, the qualifiers will compete at the final stage in Lagos.
  • The thirty (30) qualifiers will compete at the finals in Lagos, each lasting four and a half minutes, to determine the top 3 qualifiers.
  • The final will produce 3 finalists – first and second will get a fully sponsored trip to represent Nigeria at the international Break dance championship in France in 2024 while the third will  receive a cash price that will be announced later.

Selection Criteria for Breakdancers

In this competition, participants are evaluated based on how well they demonstrate and perform the fundamental elements of breakdancing. These elements include top rock, up rock, legwork, footwork, power moves, and freezes. In addition to these elements, the judges will also be considering the following:

  • Style: This refers to how participants express themselves through their moves. It includes adding their own unique flavor and presenting the dance in a personal manner.
  • Character: Participants are encouraged to showcase their individuality and emotions through their facial expressions and overall performance. It’s about expressing their feelings and personality while dancing.
  • Originality: This aspect focuses on the participant’s distinct presence and style. They are expected to bring something different and innovative to the dance, standing out from others.
  • Smoothness: Participants are expected to execute their moves neatly and smoothly, without any slips, falls, stuttering, rough edges, or getting stuck in a particular move. It’s about maintaining a polished and fluid performance.
  • Difficult combinations: This refers to the ability to perform complex and challenging sequences of moves. Participants are evaluated based on their ability to execute demanding combinations with skill and precision.
  • Execution: This aspect emphasizes the correct body placement and technique while performing the moves. It’s about executing  the dance moves with proper form and precision.
  • Musicality: Participants are judged on their ability to dance in sync with the music. They should demonstrate an understanding of the music and effectively incorporate it into their dance, timing their moves with the rhythm.
  • Energy: This aspect assesses the physical presence and excitement exhibited by the participants. They should demonstrate strong and captivating energy throughout their  performance.
  • Creativity: Participants are encouraged to bring something new and innovative to the dance beyond the basic moves. They should showcase their creativity and push the boundaries of the dance form.
  • Low number of repeat moves: It is important for participants to avoid repeating the same set or combination of moves. The judges look for variety and expect participants to showcase a diverse range of moves throughout their performance.


The competition DJ selects the music for all battles, and the judge panel decides the order in which bboys/bgirls will appear throughout  the battle.


All athletes must behave responsibly and with good sportsmanship in accordance with guidelines, including but not limited to respecting other athletes, with no offensive or threatening behavior whatsoever. All athletes must also be on time and there will be no smoking or alcohol consumption tolerated during the competition.

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