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La semaine de la francophonie est une célébration annuelle dédiée à la langue française et à la culture francophone à travers le monde. Elle se déroule généralement en mars et offre une occasion de mettre en valeur la richesse et la diversité de la francophonie. Durant cette semaine, des événements culturels, des concours, des spectacles de musique et d’autres activités sont organisés pour promouvoir la langue française et sensibiliser les gens à l’importance de la diversité linguistique et culturelle. La semaine de la francophonie est une opportunité pour tous les amoureux de la langue française de célébrer cette langue riche et belle.

The Week of Francophonie is an annual celebration dedicated to the French language and Francophone culture around the world. It usually takes place in March and offers an opportunity to showcase the richness and diversity of the Francophonie. During this week, cultural events, contests, music shows, and other activities are organized to promote the French language and raise awareness about the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity. The Week of Francophonie is an opportunity for all lovers of the French language to celebrate this rich and beautiful language.

Programme à Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt Programme

Thursday  30/03/2023

Partners School Competitions

Inspiring Creativity and Passion for French Language: 10 Schools Compete in Fun-Filled Event


Ten partner schools from the city have been invited to participate in a competition day filled with fun and learning opportunities for 80 to 100 children.

During the event, the students will present their French language skills through different mediums such as songs, dramas, and thematic presentations about French language. The competition aims to encourage students to showcase their creativity and love for the French language and culture.

The school with the best performance will be awarded a prize, which will undoubtedly motivate the students to give their best. The event promises to be a day full of entertainment, cultural exchange, and language learning.

Alliance Française Port Harcourt is committed to promoting and celebrating the French language and Francophone cultures worldwide. The competition day is just one of the many events they organize to promote the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity.

The event not only provides an opportunity for students to showcase their language skills, but it also allows them to interact with other students from different schools and backgrounds, promoting unity and cultural understanding.

Wednesday 29/03/23

Day for French Department Students of the Universities of Port Harcourt

Discover the Joys of Francophone Culture: A Day with Alliance Française Port Harcourt and Port Harcourt University Students

As part of the Francophonie activities in 2023, the Alliance Française Port Harcourt has extended an invitation to 50 students from the French department of the Universities of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education & Rivers State University). The Alliance Française Port Harcourt is deeply committed to working more closely with its partners, and this initiative aims to strengthen the relationship between the university and the Alliance.

The students who participate in this program will have the opportunity to experience French classes at the Alliance Française and immerse themselves in a Francophone environment. This will give the students a chance to practice their language skills in a real-life setting and gain a deeper understanding of French culture and traditions.

Moreover, this program will encourage the students to be more committed to the French language and motivate them to continue their studies in French. 

Wednesday 29/03/23 – From 1PM

Day for French Teachers

 a special day is organized for French teachers and members of the NAFT Rivers State to come together and celebrate their passion for the French language. 

The event encourages French teachers to prepare a creative presentation that highlights either the 10 words of the “dis-moi, dix mots” program or the theme “la langue française À TOUS LES TEMPS” (“The French Language Through All Times”). The teachers are free to choose the type of presentation that best suits them, whether it is a song, a poem, a spoken word, or a playful presentation.

This special day provides an excellent opportunity for French teachers to showcase their creativity and love for the French language. It also serves as a platform for networking and sharing best practices, which can benefit French language learners in the region.

The best presentation will be rewarded, which adds to the excitement and motivation for teachers to put their best foot forward. With the support of the Alliance Française Port Harcourt, this special day promises to be a memorable one for all involved.

If you are a French teacher in the Rivers State region and want to participate in this special day, do not hesitate to contact the Alliance Française Port Harcourt for more information. This is a chance to celebrate your love for the French language and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Thursday  23/03/2023

Golden Feather competition 2023

Alliance Française students, compete for a chance to win a trip to Paris

Sponsored by the French Senate.

The association DEFENSE DE LA LANGUE FRANÇAISE is organizing a French language competition for Alliance Française students during the Francophonie Week in March 2023.

The first prize is a one-week stay in Paris.

Information and registration are available at the secretary of your Alliance Française.

For whom? This French language competition is intended for foreign students (with at least an A2 level) enrolled this year in Alliance Française Port Harcourt.

When? The exam (duration: 2 hours) will take place during the french language week.

Where? It will be held in the premises of each Alliance Française Port Harcourt

Winners and Awards? 100 laureates. The first one is invited to Paris (see DLF website: www.langue-francaise.org).

The following 99 receive a diploma. Encouragement diplomas are also awarded.

Saturday 01/04/2023 – From 10AM to 10PM

Francophonie 2023 Grand Finale

Experience the Magic of the Francophonie at French Language Week's Grand Finale!

To close the 2023 francophonie edition, join us for the grand Finale of the Francophonie Festival: French Language Week, organised by Alliance Francaise Port Harcourt. This major event of the year will take place on Saturday, April 1st, at the Alliance Francaise premises located at 20 Herbert Macauley Street, Amadi Flat, Old GRA.

Starting at 10 am, attendees will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich and diverse culture of the Francophonie. Discover captivating art and craft exhibitions, savor delicious cuisine from Francophone countries, and experience free testing of various products. The highlight of the day will be a spectacular concert that promises to be an unforgettable experience.

The Francophonie is a global community of French-speaking countries and regions that share a common language and culture. This festival celebrates the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Francophonie, as well as the importance of the French language in the world today.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event, come and celebrate with us the richness and diversity of the Francophonie. We can’t wait to see you there!

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