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Be informed that we will not be opened 12th & 13th of May due to the holiday declared by the govt. We will resume our activities on Friday, 14th of May. In the meantime, we wish you all a safe & happy Eid celebrations. https://t.co/kKrqjH5PR8

Reminder: This movie: "Exfiltrés / Escape from Raqqa" would be up for screening tomorrow at 5:15pm prompt. Come with friends and loved ones as well as your facemask. Covid protocols apply. We will offer popcorn while the movie is in progress. See you tomorrow. https://t.co/3rH6VOSqkQ

We invite you & your friends join us 5pm April 30th for the screening of a French film "Exfiltrés / Escape from Raqqa". French drama with English subtitles. Come with facemask, Covid protocols apply. To view the trailer, click this link: https://t.co/GslqjEG4Me https://t.co/jimhCQdCbL

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